Narmin - $21,000 in Premiums Closed in 60 Days

Before working with us:
Hosting Seminars and relying on referrals to grow her business.

Biggest Obstacle:
Narmin is an experienced Insurance Advisor and focuses on Life, Critical Illness, Disability, Group Benefits, Tax strategies. All of her business came from referrals and educational seminars. She didn't want her income to be unpredictable and inconsistent. Therefore, she reached out to us and saw exceptional results within 60 days. She is now a firm believer in our 4 step marketing system and online leads in general. The results speak for themselves.

After working with us:
42 leads in 30 days. 13 appointments scheduled, 7 appointments conducted. 3 cases closed of a total of $21,000 in commissions.

Transformation: Closed $21,000 in Premiums in 60 days.

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