+ Do you only work with experienced Advisors?

We work with Advisors from all experience levels. We noticed that the number of years of experience doesn’t determine how well an Advisor performs with our program. We have instead seen hard work and persistence play a key major role.

+ What's the difference between you and other lead generation companies?

Most Lead Generation companies just generate leads, we help convert them. We offer 1-on-1 coaching and consulting to our clients and assign our clients a dedicated account manager to ensure that we are both generating and converting leads.

+ How many advisors do you take on per area?

We only take on a maximum of 3 advisors in smaller markets and up to 10 in bigger ones.

+ Will this work in a small market?

Absolutely, smaller markets tend to perform better as the message is delivered to more people therefore producing better results.

+ How long does it take for me to start closing deals, what will my ROI be?

It typically takes around 90-120 days for advisors to start closing clients.
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