Stephanie - 2 Closed HNW Clients in 45 Days

Before working with us:
Relying on referrals to grow her practice.

Biggest Obstacle:
It was very difficult for her to find a company that could actually deliver results and a positive ROI. Stephanie was skeptical at first, she made the decision to work with us and she's very happy.

After working with us:
2 clients closed in 45 days. She's on track to hit multiple 6 figures this year.

“ I have spoken with 7 prospects this week on the phone and was just hired on the spot today for a full financial plan (Incorporated Professional Engineer) after a 30 minute discussion.  I have 3 proposals to prepare over the weekend for the asset transfer concept (6 – 12K Par Policies) and open discussions with all 7 of them.  This is the first time in my life that I look forward to reaching out for the first call to a prospect.  The calls are friendly and enjoyable and I am averaging 2 a day, every day with no end in sight. ” - Stephanie S.

Transformation: 3 HNW Clients Closed in 60 Days

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