+ What am I responsible for in the program? I’m very hands off. I want a service done for me?

We’re going to set up the first set it and forget it lead generation campaign for you which runs on for a couple months.

After that, your focus and time is spent qualifying leads over text and booking appointments.

We make sure your time is spent doing what is most important to you which is servicing your clients.

If you want to create additional campaigns or make any changes to current campaigns, you have the luxury to schedule a one on one call with our client success manager at any given time.

+ Who follows up with the leads? You guys follow up for us or do I have to do it?

Our automated system starts the conversations for you with leads. This is where you come in and implement your expertise to qualify the leads that value your time. The system weeds out the tire kickers or the time wasters by itself. We have done the math with over 200+ clients and found out that the conversion rate is much higher when the advisors qualifies themselves as the relationship is much stronger.

+ Do you provide ISA services?

We have found that the advisor needs to master their own follow up before outsourcing it. Furthermore, building an in-office ISA is always better than hiring someone.

ISA’s get paid on how many appointments they set.

They don’t necessarily disobey about the “relationships over revenue” principle.
We have found that many advisors master their follow ups (1-2 months) after working with our team and pass on this task to an assistant.
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